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  • Olson Ortiz at the Colegio Calasanz

    Olson Ortiz gave a motivational talk and a math class to our multipliers from Colegio Calasanz. Olson is an university professor from the Dominican Republic, who has excelled in computer programming, chess, and math. He organizes programming competitions (e.g. ACM-ICPC), ranked as a top 10 programmer in ESPN Winning Formula Challenge, holds the title of […]

  • Jordhy Ledesma’s Motivational Talk About “Math in the 21st Century”

    Jordhy Ledesma‘s motivational talk about “Math in the 21st Century” to the students at Politécnico Femenino, an all-girls high school in Santiago (Dominican Republic), which is participating in Math Multipliers. Jordhy is a Dominican entrepreneur who has been a champion in math and chess competitions, has trained the Dominican team for the Iberoamerican Math Olympiads, […]

  • Liset Lopez Motivates Low-income Students

    Liset Lopez (Caribbean Women Foundation founder/president) motivates low-income students with her talk about “Living a Life with Purpose”. These students have been tutored by our multipliers from Colegio Calasanz and/or helped by Math Multipliers volunteers, and as a guest speaker, Liset is helping us inspire them to achieve their dreams, for which we are very […]

  • Leadership Talk by Milton Morrison

    Leadership talk by Milton Morrison to high-school students from Colegio Calasanz, several of whom participate as “multipliers” in our project, Math Multipliers. Milton is a conference speaker, author, and energy expert from the Dominican Republic. As a Math Multipliers guest speaker, he kindly volunteered to give two back-to-back talks, first to 11th- and 12th-grade students […]

  • Ivan Gomez Speaks to High-schoolers

    Ivan Gomez fulfilled his dream of climbing Mount Everest. In your case, what dream, goal, or mountain are you aiming to conquer? For inspiration, we invite you to look at the photos of his talk for Math Multipliers and/or watch the trailer to the inspiring film about his expedition (

  • A Visit to Colegio De La Salle

    Alejandro Garcia, Karina Alvarez, and Margarita Dubocq visited Colegio De La Salle, in Santiago, Dominican Republic, to present Math Multipliers to dozens of students and thereby recruit multipliers for our second year (2013-2014). Several of these students had participated as multipliers in our first year (2012-2013).

  • Math Multipliers Visits Instituto Politécnico Femenino

    Alejandro Garcia and Margarita Dubocq visited an all-girls public high school in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Instituto Politécnico Femenino Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, to present Math Multipliers to dozens of students and thereby recruit female multipliers for our second year (2013-2014).

  • Marcos Diaz inspires our high-school multipliers

    Ultra-distance swimmer and deputy minister of sports, Marcos Diaz, shares personal stories and inspires our high-school multipliers from Colegio Calasanz. As a talented swimmer from the Dominican Republic, Marcos completed a swimming journey to “unite” the continents and bring goal attention to the Millenium Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. To learn about […]