Math Multipliers

Math Multipliers is an award-winning nonprofit which aims to improve math education and inspire youngsters to achieve their dreams. For this, we train high school students for math competitions, and these students become *multipliers* as they “pay-it-forward” by tutoring underprivileged students. For inspiration, we bring monthly guest speakers to motivate the students to achieve their dreams.

Math Multipliers began in the Dominican Republic, and its long-term goal is to use math and other exciting STEM topics (such as programming, physics, robotics, and astronomy) as a way to benefit and inspire millions of students around the world.


After identifying student interests and academic requirements, MM prepares a customized program for each school.


We have celebrated events in the biggest cities of Dominican Republic including Santo Domingo, Santiago and San Cristobal.


We operate with a network of dynamic volunteers who bring a lot of knowledge and passion to the program.


Students are asked to actively engage in the sessions to further maximize comprehension and retention.


At this moment we are focusing on national expansion and volunteer recruitment.


We have celebrated events at the following schools: Colegio La Salle, Colegio Calasanz, Instituto Politecnico Loyola, Politecnico Femenino de Santiago, among others.